Art Of Interviewing

Lead world-class interviews. For podcasters, journalists, or anyone who wants to conduct an interview that makes a difference in the modern world.

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Attract Incredible Guests

How do you get world-class guests on your show - even if you don't have the biggest audience?

How To Do Research

Once the guest agrees to come on the show, what are you going to talk to them about?

Interview Masterclass

Breaking down how to conduct an incredible interview from start to to finish

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"Danny Did A Great Job"

‚ÄďAlex Hormozi

How do you create experiences that leave guests excited that they came on your show?

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  • ¬†How To Get World-Class Guests
  • ¬†How To Do Research
  • ¬†Pre-Interview
  • ¬†Interviewing Blueprint
  • ¬†Create Connection
  • ¬†Tips From The Greats
  • ¬†How To Translate This To Life
  • How To Market Your Interviews

"Wow, You Really Do Your Research"

In this course, I'll break down my preparation process. How do my guests consistently have this reaction?

The Go-To Resource On Interviewing

Over the past 3 years, I've built my podcast to 100,000+ plays/month. I've spent over 3,000 hours learning everything I can about the craft. And in this course, I break down everything I know to create an incredible interview.

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